Promoting a Better Brexit for the people of Britain.

Better Brexit is a campaign organisation that actively promotes the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on a Canada + trade agreement or WTO terms.

Leaving the EU on these terms would allow the UK to make its own laws, agree trade deals with the world outside the EU, and set our own course for a brighter future. It would also prevent undue retaliation from the EU.

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Current UK-EU divorce bill
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"It is time the Government realised that the EU stands to lose much from no deal being agreed and stopped being cowed by the EU's threats. It is time to face down vested interests in the establishment and put democracy first. Yet most of all, it is time 'to chuck Chequers', respect the referendum, be out of Europe, take back control and believe in Britain."
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
Chairman of the European Research Group

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